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AdFuel is North America’s most progressive digital marketing company and publisher of advanced targeted advertising. It is a full service digital marketing agency based in Niagara Falls, Toronto, and Miami. Adfuel is comprised of creative professionals who wish to provide advertising solutions for all businesses anywhere in the world.

Digital Advertising

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Web Development

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Online Reputation

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What is Targeted Digital Advertising?

Targeted Digital Advertising is an effective method of online promotion. It strategically places web ads towards audiences with specific characteristics or interests in order to increase chances of them purchasing or becoming curious in the product or service.

Additionally, this form of online promotion will allocate your marketing spend to the right audiences and ensure maximum marketing cost efficiency.

Adfuel utilizes a Demand Side Platform that enables a business to target the appropriate audience according to their marketing goals. Importantly, consumer behaviors and demographics such as age, income, occupation, and location are only several characteristics that we can use to help you improve your marketing strategy.

In fact, our team of digital marketing professionals and web design specialists can design and implement eye-catching ads in any format. We will assist you in hitting your key performance indicators and ultimately improve your return on investment that your business is looking for.

Wondering if targeted digital advertising is right for you? Learn how they can improve your online advertising strategy!

What Do We Offer?

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about spending your budget on irrelevant audiences with our advanced targeted advertising platform. Specific characteristics such as age, income and location can be targeted based on your campaign goals! Additionally, Adfuel’s powerful retargeting system ensures interested audiences see your ad repeatably to increase conversions for your business!


Communicates Simply and Effectively
Convert Your Viewers into Customers
Learn About Your Audiences


Blend Your Ads with the Media Format they are Displayed In
Boost Clicks and Conversions
Target High Traffic Digital Space through Social Media Feeds


Improve Video Completion Rates
Create an Emotional Connection with Your Brand
Visually Deliver More Information to Your Audience

Connected TV

Utilize Smart TV & Set Top Boxes
Advertise on Popular Channels & Lower Your Marketing Costs
Focus on Relevant Audiences & Households

Web Design and Development

Websites are equivalent to resumes or portfolios for a business. It communicates to customers whether the product or service is right for them.

Most marketing initiatives are especially carried out through digital channels through social media or websites rather than through traditional print methods such as newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets.

With this in mind, at least 66 percent of people prefer to see a beautiful design rather than a simplistic layout . If your site does not look pleasing, then it may reduce the time potential customers stay on your site.

Subsequently, a welcoming, engaging, and updated website also differentiates you from competitors and give you an advantage in the market.

How Does it Affect Your Business?

Consequently, a website’s design and layout will affect landing page quality, user experience, and ultimately your overall search engine ranking. The design of a website will also affect how products or services are sold.

It is important to understand and recognize a proper web design layout and web development strategy in order to enhance business recognition and improve your return on investment.

At Adfuel, our highly experienced and qualified web design team will assist you in creating a strong, recognizable online identity. We will help your business attract customers and convert them into qualified consumers the moment they find your site.

Altogether, Adfuel’s personalized and collective approach makes your business our priority from conceptualization to implementation in order to set first impressions right and kick start your business.

To Grow Your Business This is What Your Site Needs:

Great Responsive Design

Engage your audience using our efficient and extensive set of marketing tools and responsive layouts that best suit the user experience. We can help your business increase profits and grow online.

Intuitive User Experience (UX)

Our team of experts in web development and design will help your online presence grow. We use updated and innovative web design layout that are attractive and creative to suit your business needs.

Fast Performance

We will give you the resources and tools needed to smoothly run your business. These includes plugins and extensions that ultimately build your online presence at a reasonable cost.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation is how customers view the quality of your business on the sites that matter most.  Your online image explicitly reflects your business and building a good standing will allow potential customers to be absolutely certain about choosing your product or service.

Moreover, reputation management is the process of managing customer’s online reviews about your business so that it attracts customers rather than discourages them.

It is important to mention that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting businesses or paying for a service. Customers have the ability to communicate their opinions on the internet which makes first impressions important.

Similarly, your online reputation also determines how you organically rank in search results.  Reputation management along with Web Design are both important factors in getting found by customers, building brand loyalty and improving customer satisfaction.

Review Builder is an online business tool that ensures that your business has a positive online presence while building trust with your customers and controlling your digital narrative.

How Can Your Business Improve its Online Presence?

Adfuel’s reputation management software enables you to manage customer feedback within a single user-friendly dashboard. It allows you to promote your business and turn negative experiences into positive reviews.

Our solution asks customers for feedback, guides them through the online review process that will ultimately give you the chance to reach dissatisfied customers before they write a negative review!

Control Your Brand Identity

Monitor customer reviews and ratings across platforms in real-time
Respond to reviews instantly with automated responses using Adfuel
Measure the impact of reputation management on customer acquisition

Increase Brand Advocacy

Generate more positive customer reviews across businesses
Improve customer lifetime value by enhancing customer experience
Automatically promote positive reviews on your website

Measure Customer Sentiment

Measure brand reputation in real time with advanced analytics
Monitor local customer sentiment across search, social and mobile media
Optimize review response times across your businesses

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